Boiler Installation

Hi-tech Qld Boilers is a unique company which provides the Supply and Installation of a wide range of boilers, tanks and chimney stacks. We can provide you with a quote outlaying all costs involved with your installation, including transport and crane services to get your boiler, tank or chimney to site!

We can install the following types of boilers:

  • Fire Tube
  • Water Tube
  • Oil Fired
  • Gas Fired
  • Heavy Oil
  • Solid Fuel/Coal Fired, Woodchip

At Hi-tech Qld, we obtain design plan approvals and install to Australian Standards and local statutory approvals.

Once the boiler is in place, the interconnecting pipework is run to the feedtanks, deaerator, economisers, baghouse and ducting. 

We have equipment at the ready for the smooth running of your installation, including:

  • Crane + Operator.
  • Welding Machines.
  • Oxy.
  • Lifting Equipment - lugs, jacks, harnesses.

Hi-tech Qld access drawings & plans and work is completed by ticketed certified staff. We work in conjunction with Civil Designers to design new boiler room layouts with Structural Design Engineers to incorporate special client needs if required.